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Hi, I'm Ross.

I started this business back in 1993 as an Errand Service. It was called "Gordon's Gophers". The name was a little too cutesy for me so my best friend came up with the name Ross' Runners. I liked it and was off and running (so-to-speak). We went grocery shopping, picked up the dry cleaning, dropped things off and picked them up. It quickly grew into an "Everything" Service after I landed a state contract through an elderly agency and started subcontracting with various local service providers. We did chores for the elderly, provided painters, landscapers, caterers, moving services, errands, cleaned gutters, cabinet and counter refinishing and more. I couldn't fit all the services on one flyer... but I sure did try. I remember having a flyer that listed all our services under the logo in the middle and then continued around the edges of the 8x10 flyer... 2-3 rows deep... and it STILL said "... and More".

At some point I added the "Drive-Your-Car" Service and history was made. Airport Service quickly took over the business as the other services fell away one by one. I did all the driving myself at that time and boy was that tough. I quickly learned that I could not do it all, so I started engaging some help.

By the way, all of this happened in the first year. By the end of that year, ROSS RUNNERS was an Airport Service. Although I did hold on to the state contract another 1 or 2 years.

Since then I've built a network of Independent Contractors that continues to evolve and grow. We have also become an LLC. We know the majority of our 3000+ customers on a personal level and have built an unmatched trust and reputation for good, honest and reliable service.


We are always looking to improve the quality and scope of our services and are continually adding safe, honest, reliable drivers and companies to the ROSS RUNNERS network. To that extent, we also delete or mark-off those drivers and companies that are NOT safe, reliable or honest. So we basically do what you would normally do if we weren't in business, which is an enormous time and money saver for you. Especially when planning special occasions like a wedding and such. We do all that homework for you, that’s our business.

The best part is that we guarantee the best price. So even though we subcontract many services, it doesn't mean you will be paying more. But it DOES mean that we've already screened the contractors for you. And I'm still always on call to handle any situation and jump right in when needed. Command central, if you will. Because let's face it, as hard as we all try, no one is perfect. Things do happen beyond anyone’s control, that's how life is. But that doesn't mean we can't still try. And that's exactly what we do. And if things don't go exactly as planned, we find a way to make it right. And THAT'S the BIG difference between us and our competitors... Integrity.

So there it is, ROSS RUNNERS from the humble beginnings. It's been a long hard road (literally) but there is still a lot of black top left to drive.  Just let us know how we can serve you.  whether it's getting to the airport, a night on the town, valets or a huge "disco on wheels" for that special occasion. Budget to 5 Star, either way, you get the same great service.

As always, we thank you very much for your support, now and throughout the years.


Ross D Gordon
and "The Runners"

  • Your Car or Ours
  • Airport Service
  • Local & Long Distance
  • Aurto Delivery - Anywhere
  • Valet Service

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